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Double Coupler

A strong drop forged coupler that connects two Scaffold tubes of 48.3 OD providing strength under load bearing situations joining tubes at 90 degree angles. Easier to handle when connecting Standard to Standard or Ledger to Ledger and any tube having an outside diameter of 48.3mm at right angle.

Weight 1.21Kg
Finish Zinc Plated
Standard EN74

Double Coupler Pressed

A ninety degree, rigid coupling by used for connecting two 48.3mm tubes at right angles. This fitting is designed for use in all types of scaffolding construction and also in lighting rigs, staging and guard rails.

Board Retaining Coupler

Board clamp, is used to firmly secure scaffolding boards or toe boards onto the Ledger and keep them in position.

Weight 1.03Kg
Finish Zinc Plated
Standard EN74

Swivel Coupler

The Swivel Coupler is used to connect and hold scaffolding tubes at any desired angles in the structure. A Forged swivel coupler allowing 360-degree rotation. Swivel Coupler can fasten tubes of up to 48.3mm outer diameter. It has a wide range of Wing nuts for fastening the clamp to a tube at any angle.

FinishZinc Plated

Swivel Pressed Coupler

Pressed swivel fitting by used for connecting two 48.3mm tubes at any angle. This fitting is designed for use in all types of scaffolding construction and also in lighting rigs, staging and guard rails.


Single Coupler (Putlog Coupler)

Putlog coupler is designed to secure the transom to the ledger at one edge of the transom, while the other edge usually rests on the putlog hole of the structure. Designed to join putlogs or Transoms to Ledger allowing scaffold board to be laid across on top of the putlogs or transoms.

Weight 0.75Kg
Finish Zinc Plated
Standard EN74

Ladder Clamp

Ladder clamp is used in pairs to secure a ladder to a scaffold. These clamps are an essential part of any safe ladder access. Ladder clamp are made of zinc plated, under highest level of quality control to give the benefit of longer life.

Gravlock Coupler (Beam Coupler)

Gravlock couplers are used to attach 48mm barrel to a girder / beam at 90 degrees. They are suitable for flanges up to 45mm thickness. It is important to note these couplers must be used in pairs as supplied.

Weight 1.47Kg
Finish Zinc Plated
Standard EN74

Toe Board Clamp

Used for fast and economical retention of toe boards.

Universal Clamp

Universal clamps are used to hold the primary and the secondary “I” sections together.

Sleeve Coupler

A Sleeve coupling is a basic type of coupling. This consists of a pipe whose bore is finished to the required tolerance based on the shaft size. Based on the usage of the coupling a keyway is made in the bore in order to transmit the torque by means of the key.

Weight 1.13Kg
Finish Zinc Plated
Standard EN74

Spigot Pin

Steel connector is made of High Quality Square Steel tube with dimension of 30 mm x 30 mm and Wall Thickness of 3.0 mm. The length of a Connector is 300 mm. This is so that it can be used as an accessory that can be used to attach a Standard on top of the existing one. The two Standards are then bolted together.


Joint Pin

Forged Joint pin used for connecting two 48.3mm tubes end on end.

Wing Nut

Wing Nut is a kind of important accessories in pouring shear wall project. Together with the Tie Rod, they act as wall tie system, to fasten the formwork panels tightly during concrete pouring process. They can also be used in other applications for fasten purpose.

Rapid Clamp

Used to provide effective clamping that has no nut bolt and leaves no ties on concrete.

Shuttering Clamp

Used for holding shuttering for beams as well as columns.

Tie Rod

Used for support, fixed template parts. Used to fasten framework panels tightly.

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