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Plank are used as temporary work platforms on supported scaffolds. The surface may be solid, perforated or an open slot type. The plank may have end hooks which are supported by bearers when used on fixed length bays.

Wooden Planks

• Our scaffolding board ,in accordance to British Standard 2482:2009 All scaffold boards are cut to thickness of 38mm and a width of 225mm. They come in sizes ranging from 0.6m to 3.9m
• Pallet packing is done keeping 50 boards in each pack.
• Steel Boards are available in length of 3m , 2.5m , 1.8m & 1.3m. Special sizes are also available .
• These steel boards are available in painted and galvanized Finish , it is also durable lasts longer than wooden boards. Board dimension -> 38mm x 225mm or 60mm x 225mm .
• For Scaffold Board Steel, scaffold metal deck is used as a metal replacement of timber board. It has high load carrying capacity and longer life span tan timber board

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Laminated Scaffold Board

Laminated Scaffold Boards or sometimes referred to as LVL Scaffold boards are an alternative to the traditional solid timber scaffold board. We can supply any other sized board upon request, which can be arranged with our sales team.

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